Tracey Tutt

MA Moving Image and Sound

Artist Statement:

I constantly research and experiment to push boundaries and find limits, I want to excite and stimulate the viewer, using my creativity to tell another story over the original, blending technology seamlessly with beauty by weaving different media together to bring new experiences.

Augmented Reality has been widely used for expensive marketing campaigns or in niche museums, or exhibitions, such as the Science Museum’s Virtual James May App or the recent ‘Digital Revolution’ at the Barbican, keeping it somewhat exclusive.

To give everyone a chance to see its potential and the wide variety of uses and applications I am augmenting all of the printed work that will accompany my installation so that the public can take my art away and interact with it.

This installation will draw together and implement all of my research and experimentation over the last two years and I am using a huge array of media and techniques from traditional plaster sculpting, projection mapping, spatial stereo sound, hand drawn animation using real feathers, coding, physical interactivity and Augmented Reality in a truly immersive transmedia experience to ‘virtually’ bring to life a Great Bustard in Norfolk after 180 years since it’s last sighting.