Aurasma is a leading Augmented Reality platform where anyone can publish and play with their technology. ” Our vision is to enable an augmented world, where every image, object and place has its own Aura.”

I have tested many other platforms and have found that Aurasma suits my needs best and have been a supporter of their platform since they launched in 2011.

They use images to trigger the AR content through the camera on your device which overlays what you see with another layer, be it video, information or pretty much anything you can think of!

I would like to see it involved in learning and sharing of extra information.

To access the Augmented Reality content of my final project and the earlier SNU module, you will need to download the free Aurasma app on your mobile device, either Android or Apple. Because the software is very sophisticated your device will need to be less than 18 months old to see the 3D cgi content, I have tested an iPad3-working, a Samsung Galaxy S2-working and an ipod4-not working, all other trigger images work on all platforms.

Link to my MA final show Augmented Reality booklet which layers all of the different information and visual content in a variety of ways to demonstrate the versatility of the app, this works in conjunction with my Reality Augmented – an interactive installation.

This link below will take you directly to the Aurasma app if you are viewing this page on your device.

This link takes you to the Aurasma platform homepage on the internet.

When you have installed this free app onto your device, you will need to search for tracey tutt, subscribe to my channel and then when you point your device at the trigger image you should see the 3D model come alive.

The thumbnail below is a link to my trigger image if you would like to print it out for yourself and try it.


Aurasma is the fastest growing AR platform, info graphic below taken from their website



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