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When I browse the internet I ultimately find interesting articles, videos about new techniques or advances in animation and technology, and I need somewhere to store them!

I love the idea of 360 degree video coupled with VR headsets and being able to experience different places, even better if you can interact with them. I would love to be making my own 360 stuff and I am always on the lookout for ways everyone can have a go.

Up until now I have made a Google Cardboard VR headset – it is made from cardboard and the only special purchase are the lenses.

Google Cardboard headset

Google Cardboard VR headset under construction… with just some velcro and glue you can make your own Oculus Rift – well, out of cardboard!

Experimented with 360 degree photography with photosphere – compatible with the Google Cardboard.

360 panosphere in my office

360 panosphere in my office

And borrowed an iPhone to try out the low priced GoPano app and addon

Screengrab from test go pano 360 video shot

Screengrab from test go pano 360 video shot

But, making great 360 video is still a challenge only to be taken up by those with deep pockets, or six friends who happen to have the same hi-spec camera and someone who will make you a rig!

Youtube 360

Did you know youtube had a 360 video channel, you should try it! I haven’t found where you can view it on a VR headset, but it’s fun…

Dubai 360

This amazing project is employing 360 timelapse imagery into interactive experiences available from anywhere in the world.


Dubai360 was shot with four perfectly synchronized Canon 1Dx cameras.

Lenses on the cameras were Canon EF 8-15mm f4 L USM fisheye zooms.

Over 88,000 photographs were taken over the course of the 30 hours of shooting, with one set of photographs being taken every 5 seconds.
22K Panoramas. These photographs were then stitched using Kolor Autopano Video into 22,000 separate panoramas to create the source frames for the video you can experience above.

Awesome After Effects

This animation by Cirrus for the bonobo track inspired me to have a go at this advanced AE technique..


Kinetic Typography

Again inspired I tested out the method and technique to make this cool effect



Great Rotoscoping tutorial, render the video out directly from Photoshop, with the ability to run the layers as a movie in photoshop. Move mountain

Check out how we made this! — BEHIND THE SCENES –

‘Polygonn’ is the first single off the Bishops new album ‘All Lost Time’. To stream and purchase the album check them out at – For more from the Bishops check out their website –

The video is a hand drawn rotoscope animation composed of over 2,500 individual illustrations. Animator Nick Black spent over 6 months tracing each frame from the original live action footage onto paper in a technique called “rotoscoping” – with 12 drawings representing a second of footage. We then photographed these drawings and let them run in order to create the video you see here.


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