We recently updated Dragonframe at NUA to 4.1.2 and I hadn’t tested our eMotimo motion control rig since the update. I’m scheduled to do an introductory session to motion control and Advanced Camera techniques with the 3rd years next week, so thought it judicious to test it out before then.

It didn’t work…

I looked at the getting started pages https://support.emotimo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002887586-Getting-Started-with-DragonFrame-4-0-and-the-spectrum-ST4 which didn’t help.

I updated my eMotimo firmware to the recommended ST4_RC007_28

but on this instruction…

  1. Leaving the wireless remote off and using the 8Way switch, Go to Settings menu, ensure on page 2, Dragonframe is selected, then then right (pushing back on the 8Way Hat), two times until the following screen appears – this is live motor feedback and mode where Dragonframe positions and commands are processed.

I could not get to this screen, on page 2 I cannot go further into the menu.

on the bottom of the help page it even states that

Known Issues with our firmware or their software:

(5) Must be on feedback screen shown below to function correctly (Settings, right twice on joystick). If you aren’t on this screen, the integration will not work as designed.


I’m not going to go through how many times I tried to go right twice from the settings page, or from the 3 page, or the 4th page, all of them didn’t work.

So I tried to hook it up to Dragonframe, just in case it was a bug and it might still work…

but I only saw the Not Connected greyed out notification.

I tried connecting in different ways, plugged in first, plugged in after starting dragonframe, all of the different ways you can get hardware to see software.

3 days I tried different things…

Then I tried putting the USB into another port, and I got a pop-up saying it failed to install, looked at the device manager and saw this

an error on TTL232R-3V3, which was what it had popped up as I put the USB into a different port.

right click on it

Windows 10 can’t install it

aha… hope…

on the getting started page on eMotimo it states

 If your USB connector is black, please download and install VCP drivers for your OS.

But this was for Macs? I thought I’d have a bit more of a dig, and on the weird web page there are drivers for Windows 10, so after consulting with our tech team, we deemed it safe to try – the website looks well, odd


Anyway, installed it, inserted the USB again and lo and behold, no errors in the device manager.

And after pressing on every single option of the 4 pages on the eMotimo, I found the holy grail page!

Find it using the 8 way hat button>Settings>Page 4/4> Telemetry 2>ta da!

Why eMotimo couldn’t just put this on their page along with drivers are needed for windows 10, I don’t know.

Now, I connected the i/o port to the USB – Don’t connect the i/o before the USB is happy in the PC and the page above is on the eMotimo.

Then open Dragonframe.

Select the correct port, I made sure I used a new port which was on COM 4

You will need to add connection using the eMotimo spectrum ST4, not just the eMotimo option.

and it worked almost immediately.

Wow, what a palaver.

eMotimo please update your help pages, and also replying to my problem on the help forum would have been nice…

I hope this helps someone else before they pull all of their hair out!