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I really like the way the video turned out, but being an inquisitive soul, I wondered, could I push it further with a little tweaking to the video with some special effects in Premiere…?

Yes… I think I can…

What I wanted was a vignette (oval) effect on a couple of the shots, but premiere only provides a circle, I may have been able to create one in photoshop and bring it in, but I thought I would see what Premiere had to offer straight out of the box. It works fairly well and I like you can use it as a alpha mask, perfect… All of the controls such as feather edge, alpha mask, center points and percentages are so familiar to me it was a breeze to alter it how I wanted it too look, pretty much the same as in Photoshop or Illustrator, (which I have been using for over 20 years) so that definitely gives me an advantage.

I also tinted a couple of the shots, to make them slightly darker and have more of a ‘cold’ feel to them. Like this…

I wonder what you can do in Final cut pro…..

Handmade – Digitally altered…

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Short ukulele piece recorded in the studio.

Taken into logic pro and reverb, pan and fades added to give a dreamlike feel to the piece.

It works really well… very pleased with this first test to record and alter handmade sound.

It’s good to get to grips with Logic through this small test.