Moving Portfolio

Gathering together all of my very best animated and video work.

I use a variety of programmes and software in various combinations.

From Illustrator to After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Final Cut, Flash, SketchUp and Dataton WatchOut.

Awesome After Effects

An animation by Cirrus for the bonobo track inspired me to have a go at this advanced AE technique..


Augmented Reality – testing

This shows my trigger image, my 3D animated Great Bustard created in Maya with UV mapped texture and extra info buttons and links for interactivity using the Augmented Reality platform Aurasma on an iPad. Maya Rigging  : Aurasma testing


Digital Cel Rotoscope animation

Another experimental animation technique, where I used my illustrative style to create a 2 minute animation, overlaying live film. Background info


Interactive Sculpture

Part of my MA piece – MA Moving Image and Sound


Kinetic Typography

Again inspired by typography and After Effects – similar to this macdonalds prayer – I tested out the method and technique to make this cool effect


Experimenting with Sound and Image

This sound test was to see if the sound can control how the image is interpreted. I shot neutral footage into a short story and concentrated on two different sound designs to tie in with the single film, to see how much the audio could influence the viewer. Link to background info


Gestural Interactivity

Investigating interaction, without the need for a headset I have been playing with the Leap Motion to see if it could fit in.


My Manifesto

My creative manifesto, this is obviously just the animated footage, but I have a trigger on my business cards so that this overlays the information bringing a little Augmented Reality to my contact details.


Google Sketchup

I have been using Sketchup for years and have produced many flythroughs and touchscreen interactives using this great piece of 3D software.


Fusion Screen at the Forum

For the past few years I have been putting together various film and photography for a specific event into a single promo showreel that gets shown in the 15 metre wide screen at The Forum, using specialist multi screen software (WatchOut) to map and time individual elements across the three projectors.


Want to know more?

Download my Word CV, get in touch.


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