I am a digital specialist, all things digital, creative, innovative and inspirational make me tick.

I have worked at NNUH as a Reprographics technician (wetroom photographic processing- remember that?) and Illustrator, the John Innes Centre as a Graphic Designer, progressing into online design,  Archant Regional as Web & Graphic Designer, where animated flash banners were de’rigour and online video started to come in, Open Academy for a complete corporate design overhaul and photography archive, until my current position at City College Norwich where I test, research, animate, illustrate, photograph, video, and layout; books, vehicle wraps, touchscreens, AR, 3D maps and anything else my boss can think of seeing if I can cope with… and I usually can.

For my recent MA at NUA I wanted to use current technology to make my art playful, immersive, interactive and memorable, using the beauty of the animated line in its form and movement.

I created an experience in which an audience sees the Great Bustard flying in Norfolk again, hunted to extinction (in the UK) in the 1840’s, in a combined installation, using sculpture, animation and interactivity with Augmented Reality to produce a truly transmedia exhibition. The interactive installation on first viewing might appear as a static gallery/museum space, until the viewer steps into that space and their presence triggers a beautiful visual animated reaction from a physical object.

Although underpinning the outcome was a lot of technology, and I had to learn MAX msp, projection mapping onto a 3D shape, installation set-up and overcome testing on pcs, to using the college macs,  I still wanted my animation to be beautiful, to evoke a feeling of wonder and sense of intrigue as the story behind the extinction of the Bustard and it’s reintroduction in my creative, interactive installation.

I am currently working at the Norwich University of the Arts as the Animation and Sound technician.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rosie Cooper
    Nov 07, 2014 @ 08:57:14

    Hi, i recently invigilated at the Undercroft exhibition in Norwich and just thought i’d share with you a short film i made, featuring all the art works 🙂

    Many thanks


  2. traceytutt
    Nov 07, 2014 @ 11:18:41



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