For my sound module I have tried to investigate the potential of audio to change the feelings of the viewer, to see if it is possible to alter the context/perception and interpretation of a single piece of visual footage just by generating alternative soundscapes.

I have created a short piece of film which I have produced two different soundtracks for. I have recorded various natural and mechanical sound bytes, capturing some of my own musical output and taken them into the sound suite to digitally alter, resample and re-record, thereby gathering the required starting points for my soundscapes.

I have looked at audio-visual phrasing, rhythm and acoustic expressions of emotional states to help understand what will make two differing musical designs. I have asked friends and family, what music alters their mood, and looked into how personal perception of music may also add to the interpretative process.


I am submitting one film, but with two soundtracks.

All of the sound was put on in post-production, no sound was taken from any of the video clips, in fact when I brought the video footage into Premiere I deleted the audio tracks completely before cutting the visuals together from a brief storyboard.

All of the sound was recorded using my Zoom H1, the live sound recording studio at College or the synthesiser midi keyboard. Some extra effects are from the digital sound libraries, but I tried to use as much of my own sound as was possible, all mixed in Logic Pro to produce two different soundtracks.

Below are a purple button and a red button, please choose one, watch the following film and then click the link to take the survey. This will inform me if my experiment into sound and emotion has been a successful one.