Screen Print test

So I had the idea to screen print 3 images onto various cloth, dyeing them differing shades of green, and using the devore method (where the material is eaten away through chemical reaction leaving the base mesh behind), layer up a woodland scene to animate my Great Bustard within, somehow.


I have set up everything ready for next week in the screen print room, with much too-ing and fro-ing to get my vouchers to pay for the acetate, and also the frames and material. But the images I am using are these…Image

this is the backlayer, or background,

Imagethe midlayer

Imageand at the very front a combination of leaves and thistles, all taken whilst up in Nottingham.

I really like the strong visual shapes created from transforming it into black and white that have appeared and which looked fantastic on the acetate – in readiness for screen printing next week.