Looking to find AR in practice already and I stumble across an international group project called ARtSENSE who are looking into museum spaces and interactive Augmented Reality in exhibitions etc.

“Aimed at improving and augmenting the gallery and museum visitor experience through wearable technology, ARtSENSE is a European research project, in collaboration with two other cultural organisations and five technical and research organisations, including FACT and Liverpool John Moores University…….. For the museum visitor the result is an enhanced, personalised experience, taking them on an innovative journey through the hidden stories of the artworks and artifacts.”

They have founder members of the MANIFEST.AR involved and a this is a brilliant slideshare presentation talking about the future for augmented reality within museums.

This chap is creating AR art already…


I also contacted Roger McKinley who is the Research and Innovation Manager at FACT just to see if I can garner any help or involvement with it…