The Analysis of my short film ‘Just one more place to look’  to complete my submission for ASU1

This film was created using a technique called rotoscoping, whereby the original footage can be either completely drawn over with everything re-imagined or partially drawn over as in this instance.

It paints a dark world of a lonely figure, seemingly endlessly trudging through the streets looking, or searching for something…

The audio has a sad tone and feel to it, it’s all quite low and slow, with rhyming phrases throughout the short poem that I wrote specifically for the film. It talks of unreality, memories, duality and a perpetual cycle for this character to follow day after day, trying to complete or repair their loss of ‘self’ and acts as if we are hearing the person’s thoughts.

The illustrative animation style although not photorealistic – it only uses two colours – gives a great sense of this figure actually walking through and physically reacting to light changes in the different spaces. This was a conscious decision I made to be as accurate and true to the original footage, as I could, even though it might take longer.

What I wanted to represent is the layering of a person’s life, visualised in this piece by the very obvious use of animation over live action.

The character is troubled by a loss in their life which has led to a mental breakdown and this is represented visually as reality fades out and we see him continue walking with his thoughts, getting more disconnected from the real world.

It starts almost imperceptibly between location changes but becomes progressively more obvious.

It’s a very short piece to talk about mental health but I think the strong visual element carries the viewer through the piece, intrigued as to what will happen, unfortunately they are more than likely to be disappointed as at the end it’s revealed that this is what the figure does everyday in the hope that perhaps they might feel connected again.