MA task proposal workshop
In preparation for your project proposal workshop please consider the following subheadings and make brief responses (no more than 50 words to an answer ) to the questions below
. You might choose to bluet point or provide lists as appropriate. These will act as prompts in the first session, so please bring these with you to your proposal workshop.

Current practice and research in a relevant field of study
Give a brief description of your proposed project
List at least 5 current practitioners or examples of practice whose ideas or interests relate to your own
What form might the proposed work take

Analysis of proposal methodology
List the main research methods you will employ to inform your own practice
Briefly describe how these methods will communicate your ideas/concepts to an audience client
How will you plan the project and what difficulties might there be in achieving your aims…

Thinking in terms of presenting my MA in the end of year show… I would like to move my rotoscope technique forward to create 4 beautiful animations that I can display a single ‘cel’ of as artwork, but which when viewed through a device you see the film itself, adding to the experience.

I would also like to augment the great bustard, but for this I would like to have an empty exhibit case with a floor graphic, or graphic on the side of the cabinet that also comes to life and shows the great bustard , therefore giving me an augmented virtual show, best viewed through a device, a virtual exhibition within an exhibition.

I would like to trial giving people a small device such as an iPod touch so that they can view it without having to use their data, on the exhibit posters maybe I can get a mention so as to pre warn visitors of the required app name etc.
I would need to be in a one door room so that the device use can be monitored.
Could I get anyone to sponsor me for some more devices?

I have seen an email for a an exhibition in March, maybe I could trial it then?
Make sure my business card is augmented…. Have leaflets so that people can take away and take my art and exhibition with them.
A lot of the people using ar in art are trying to be disruptive, I want to look at art a different way and through a different medium. A new way of the gallery.
Jason ohler

Within the four different shorted like them to be quite different even though they will follow the same style of rotoscoping, using a range of colours this time, so much more in depth but following the rules previously laid out – two colours for the tonal range but using four colours in total.. With a live video background, so filming of the original has to be realistic or it has to be static to take one element and then put on top of the other.

I would want to explore movement much more, so a dance piece, could I have a surround sound system with a low beat. that when other images are triggered the sound that they play combines with the soundtrack already playing?