Thinking about the need for a model of a bustard to put into my exhibition space I was looking online for any sculptures that perhaps others have made and I stumbled across a Go Bustard event which happened in 2012.

Public Art Trail

A community arts project featuring giant great bustard sculptures has been set up to raise the profile of the Wiltshire town of Warminster.

Go Bustards! is organised by Warminster Art Society and the local Development Trust (an affliate of the local Community Area Partnership).

The glass fibre resin sculptures will form an arts trail around the town and the group are looking for businesses to sponsor their own bustard.  Those already taking part include The Organ Inn, the Minster School a handicraft shop Think Outside the Box which is to be decorated with 22kgs of multi-coloured buttons.

Lesley Fudge, project leader said “Our aim is to associate the magnificent great bustard with the lovely market town of Warminster and its surrounding areas . . . The bustard is on the Wiltshire flag and on the guide and scout badges, and they are being reintroduced to Salisbury Plain.”

“We want all different parts of our community to be involved to bring people from Warminster and the surrounding villages together, and raise the spirits in what is such a difficult time for many.

The sculptures will also be used to raise money for charity, as they will be auctioned off when the project is over.

Go Bustards! is set to run throughout 2012 and will be on display in Salisbury for the Queen’s visit.

Unbelievably this was in February of 2012 so I just missed it, but these sculptures were huge!



This Go Bustard is in residence at the stonehenge brewery nicknamed 'DRATSUB'

I contacted Lesley Fudge brainchild of the Go Bustard ART trail in conjunction with the  Warminster Art Society and asked if it was possible that they did a life-size sculpture to base the larger ones on,  but unfortunately they only ever made the giants and a couple of 8″ mini models. But the shape they have is simplified and will work well if I can closely follow it for my own sculpture.

Wiltshire has obviously taken the Great Bustard to heart as it also features the bustard on it’s flag!


Wiltshire’s flag was registered on December 1st 2009, following a declaration of support for the design by the Wiltshire County Council. The flag is the creation of county resident Mike Prior and his daughter Helen Pocock. The flag features a Great Bustard (Otis tarda) at its centre, a bird native to the county, which had been extinct since 1832 but was recently returned as part of an intensive ten-year breeding programme on Salisbury Plain. Several of the elements in the flag were present in the coat of arms awarded to the Wiltshire county Council in 1937


The old crest has a Bustard on it too!