A big birthday necessitated a big trip to celebrate, so where better than the Big Apple!

It also gave me an ideal opportunity to test out my new travel Camera – the Fuji XT-30, plus 28mm prime.


The heat in New York was pretty unbearable and these guys with the water for a dollar were everywhere – I did take a refillable bottle with me, but the shop/cafe owners were definitely not as keen to refill as we are in the UK.

The guy above didn’t even have the energy to shout out his ‘water for a dollar’, he had it on a repeat tape!

As we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, the  steel cables make dramatic lines against the road with the Manhattan skyline behind, so all I had to do was wait for an iconic yellow taxi to go by to make the perfect shot!


Of course in my mind’s eye they would be the old style yellow taxis, like the ones in the movies, but the only way we saw one of those was on the back of a truck being towed somewhere, in my imagination it was going off to be on a film set!


Another iconic American shot is to get one of the big yellow school buses, and again the Brooklyn Bridge provided me with a great one.


As nighttime arrived, a glorious sunset and another yellow taxi got me the shot below, which I really like. I think it’s the street lights and central perspective point that just make it pleasing to the eye.


And of course the ultimate destination of an evening – Time Square.


They have even built a ramped viewing platform in Times Square just so that people can take a good photo!


New York is an amazing city to visit, if you’re feeling brave you can do what we did for the last 3 days and get around on a bicycle, it was brilliant, we saw so much more and could still stand up at the end of the day!

I thoroughly tested out my little fuji and it took some fab photos, but there was one photo where I just couldn’t get far enough away to take the shot I really wanted, so tried on my phone, and got the image below of the flatiron building.

New York ( iPhone pics)

But you can’t deny how beautiful some of the street shots are that my new street camera took.



Check them all out on my flickr album.