Poster presentation day is tomorrow and after the ups downs and moments of indecision, I have completed it. I’m not entirely sure it has all of the content exactly as was requested and although a pain to produce – literally, the printers large format printer was broken up until 10am this morning and I was in a tiz to know whether I’d actually get the thing printed –  I think it has helped me formulate a lot of stuff and get it into focus.

So here it is.

Layering Realities: Using Augmented Reality and new technology to give a virtual vital spark to lifeless exhibits.

Using a mixture of digital and textural animation, coupled with sound and new visual recognition techniques, can I provide the viewer with an informative, immersive, personal illusionary experience using their smartphone or tablet?

By using the ‘magic’ of today’s technology I hope to give people the chance to interact with a long-forgotten and once extinct (to the UK) animal – the Great Bustard.
Using 3D digital animation composited with a material screen to give feel and texture to the finished piece, together with creating a lifelike soundscape of it’s environment, I want to bring the Great Bustard out of its’ dry and dusty show cabinet in the local museum and get people to connect and interact with it in a new way.

My research started with a traditional search in the library, but, it soon became apparent that this quickly moving technology needed a more immediate and responsive set of research tools as I reached present day research.
Visual Art History Books
Digital Art/Kinetic Art Books
Internet Sources
Social Networking

To create an all encompassing visual feast that actually involves the viewer with the experience is something that many artists have tried to do.
Panoramas in the 1800’s were said to make the onlooker sick and dizzy with the reality that overcame them on viewing these vast paintings, so intense were the feelings they evoked.
Morton Heilig’s Sensorama was touted as the new way to experience film, with it’s vibrating seat and wind blowing machine all built into an individual booth.
Todays technology, has the potential to engage, inform and really give us an exciting layer of information over our own, and I intend to fully test it’s capabilities.