Although I was intrepid about the poster presentation and found it hard to formulise my thoughts, I was hopeful of getting some good feedback from my peers.
I know its very much a hoop we have to jump through for the Learning Outcomes and is awkward and puts stress on us to get it all sorted, but I also hoped that it would clarify some of the background needed for my 2,000 word report.
It has definitely helped me, and given my longer project almost an introduction.
My pasteboard on my inDesign project has a lot of pictures and quotes that will go into my final essay.
Want to know the comments?
Photo attached with all the lovely post it notes that were stuck to my poster, and most people really like my idea, but I would like to ask the person who wrote, context, findings what they mean…

Very cool ides! appeals to a large audience and has the potential to create great experiences.
Spot on with your question.
What does this tell us about the broader field of enquiry.
Brilliant idea, well explained, clearly illustrated.
Very clear research question and presentation, love the “sensorama machine”
Looks excellent to me, very clearly thought out.
Great Bustard idea sounds great. Good application, good historical context- what about contemporary.
I quite understand what you’re trying to do, I look forward to the outcome.
Really good idea, I like the history of augmented reality and why they exist.
This is really an untapped art form, you can do so much with it, good idea.
Interesting and well researched methodology/ideas, clear poster.
Knock back strength of ground(maybe background) imagery to read more clearly, very professional.
Untapped technology in art space.
Inventive approach.
Fun but with academic rigour.
Context, Findings…