On booking a day in the sound suite I finally got to look at the car video project that I started. I wanted to remove all natural sounds and replace them with a digitally created audio track.

I started looking through the sound fx libraries in Logic Pro and found none that I wanted to use, they were too real, or too odd. So I looked at the environmental sound outputs through the keyboard sampler and found what I was looking for. Finding the keys and playing in time gave me a few challenges and I soon realised I would need to save each track separately to have full control over in and out points, to match with cuts on screen.

I wanted to turn ambient noises into tension and atmosphere, through timing both in audio and visual.

By layering up the base mood with one deep resonant tone, and then adding in higher mid range tones of the same sample at ‘changeover’ points in the scene, it ties the video together more and gives a complete feel to the soundtrack. Pinpointing key events with other non-real sound gives real mood to the end result.

I am really pleased with the way it looks and sounds. I like the way I’ve cut the original individual pieces of video to try and create a story and the sound creation and edit made it a fascinating experience.

I see the audiotrack on this as the underlying track which would direct the viewers mood in feeling tense, questioning, suspicious, if this were a real film it would be the first pass in the audio suite, matching the audio to the mood, then you would add the script/spoken/narration and any music over the top knowing that the baseline takes it the right way.