In the final crit  it was great to see the others work and then get feedback on my own piece(s).

After working all morning on my 2nd sound piece watching them both back to back made me realise how much more I needed to do on my 1st piece as the 2nd was much more complete, I could still see areas for improvement, but as a base it was much closer to the finished article than piece 1.

The feedback was surprising and I totally agreed with most of it, a little too contrived in places – we are being told what to think in piece 2 whereas piece 1 is more left to the viewers imagination.

It also pointed out  some things about the way I had shot it and edited it that I hadn’t thought of, quite sharp edits, back and forth with my visuals and the sound followed the same feel, totally by accident, also something I hadn’t noticed was that all of the shots are static, no pans, no zooms, the movement comes from the sound and what is actually happening in the film, trees rushing by, the waves lapping, the girl moving in and out of shot and focus. But they are all as I wanted them to appear, from my first storyboard they were all straight cuts.

The other guys in the crit were quite kind about piece 2, dreamlike, delightful, all on the positive side of feeling, which is where it is aimed. Suzie had another question about my parameters, ie, would I consider using a tinted filter over the visual to give the piece a sunnier, warmer look? I know what she means.. the video was mostly shot on a very cold winters sunny day and looks cool, compared to the sound which is warming –  I’m not going to do this – but picks up on another way to influence feeling.

On re-watching piece 1, although the feedback was ok it was mainly left to a bass tone to imply what I really was trying to portray, I couldn’t hear any of my key sounds, so was disappointed with this piece as a whole, fortunately I had the sound studio booked for half a day so would be able to correct and add what I need to.