I spent this morning editing and remixing my sound for piece 1 this morning, very pleased with the improved results, I could do with another group crit to ensure I haven’t gone over the top in fact, but I’m going to work on the other areas I need for my submission and re-listen to them freshly tomorrow, then I can re-evaluate the outcome.

Re-connected some of the sound effects that got lost for piece 2, and added in a lovely extra piece of my own recorded sound which works so well, I’m so pleased I took my recording equipment to an event over the weekend, it has made a big difference to the end result.

I just need to type up my piece review, make sure everything I want them to assess is in the right sound category on this blog and I think I’m all set.

I will spend tomorrow looking to create a self contained  player for my two pieces, but am not sure if I will get all of the functionality to work in the flash container as I have never used flash to get feedback from the content, but will give it a go as the whole point of this experiment was to see if I could flavour emotion just using  sound, over the same piece of video… Therefore getting the viewer to – unbeknownst to them – only see one version of the video, for only me to know which one and see a small piece of feedback for the overall feel of the piece.