One of the tasks I need to complete before starting to test is the creation of a trigger image from which the Great Bustard will appear and walk away from… The castle itself has a lovely strong logo, so obviously I wanted to work with that and incorporate it into the final image.

Based on the Great Bustard group logo I outlined the bird in Illustrator and then applied slightly different effects to the bird outline whilst placing it on top of the Castle logo. It does need to be a really strong shape led design for the trigger to work best so have used solids rather than fine gradients and fills.

I feel I probably need to work into the final output a logo which denotes extra content, so it could be slightly adapted and then used throughout the museum if they were to roll out the Augmented Reality experience across other areas and displays in the museum.

I have also sourced some clear adhesive vinyl which I can print onto and hopefully apply to a redundant piece of lino that I can move about and test in situ.