One of my three streams for the SNU is to go down to London and see how the big museums are implementing AR currently. After a lot of internet research trying to find who has what and where they are I have found 4,

1) Museum of London

location based apps to show images from the past in the present.

Also Key Roman sites in London, such as the amphitheatre at Guildhall, are brought to life through augmented reality video – produced by HISTORY™

2)Science Museum

James May talks to you about the exhibits

3)Natural History Museum

The Attenborough Studio where visitors can see DA talking (virtually) and showing all sorts of animals past and present on mobile devices supplied by the museum itself to an amphitheatre style presentation.

They also have Augmented reality Coelophysis using a webcam on a computer and trigger image for the camera to see

4) British Museum

Use mobile phones to follow an augmented reality trail around the Museum and solve clues about the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

All of these things are great but to get to all 4 in 5 hours will be impossible so I have chosen just the two (Natural History & Science Museum)to go and visit.

I have found a couple of names and departments through investigation in both museums and have discovered that the Science Museum has a New Media Department (Dave Patten – HoD), which will be the right connection, and within that if I want to document my visit I will need to make contact through the press office, so after a brief conversation on the phone have found a lovely lady called Rachael Campbell who I can contact prior to my visit. Similarly with the Natural History Museum although I have Ailisa Barry as the Head of Interactive Media, I spoke to Lucy in her department who has given me the name of Sheila Sang, who I will email/contact  prior to visit as she deals more with AR than Lucy… Interestingly the chap who was looking after their AR has just left them…

So, next steps are to email my new found best friends at the Museum and organise the right date when I can visit and meet with (hopefully) both of them in the one day.

At least my chosen Museums are quite close!