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and now an electronic copy of the issue I really wanted to see. This has 32 short paragraphs from Museum innovators, curators and new technologists from around the world on where they see the future of the museum heading, my favourite is this one from Steph Mastoris from National Waterfront  Museum, Swansea,

“If the study of the past teaches us anything it is not to trust predictions for the future! So my thoughts about the future of museums are really more about how I feel and hope current technological developments will shape them over the next few decades.

Of course, in any institution worthy of the name “museum” the prime resource is its collections. It will be fascinating, therefore, to see how these artefacts will be made available and experienced as the digital age progresses. While the ease of physical and virtual replication will increase and become more sophisticated, the “magic” of experience of the original, real artefact is bound to become more important to people. In this way we should all be winners.

Such increased access to collections is also bound to improve interpretation. Indeed, the very media that will allow artefacts to be accessed remotely will also provide limitless possibilities for dynamic, user-driven interpretation. Already we are experiencing how sophisticated, multi-layered narratives can be delivered through digital media. And what is equally exciting is that such information uses (in fact demands) material from a wide range of traditional museum disciplines. Digital interpretation is bound to create more joined-up working by museum professionals, so the future museum is surely going to be not only multi-disciplinary, but inter-disciplinary. ”

http://issuu.com/museumid/docs/museumid_issue10 – p67

They also have an event in October which might be worth going down for, although it will cost me £97… plus train tickets.

Museum Ideas 2013 brings together museum leaders and innovators from around the world to share the latest insights and developments globally