Today was a day to capture footage and photos from the space inside the Norwich Castle Museum where the Great Bustard display is kept.

This video takes us from the outer rotunda area into the Wildlife bit through the Ted Ellis Dioramas. As you can see the Display case is almost hidden behind the chairs.


This photo shows the full width of the area from side to side, there’s lots of space, but I would need to plan carefully where best to place the trigger image.

Sounds from the Diorama room… 

Whilst I was in there a few groups of children came round and were really impressed with the stuffed birds, especially the enormous heron and the Bustards, just because they are so big.

I also took a lot of close ups of the faces of the GB’s just from future reference, but the closer you get to them, the more you can see how dried they are…
CCN_8633 CCN_8627CCN_8596 CCN_8608