I found writing this to be really difficult, it’s where I wrangle with myself for not feeling like a true ‘artist’ I don’t know what the ‘sublime’ is that so many of my MA colleagues talk about and I’m not good with promoting my skills, so found that writing this in the third person helped me to formulate this statement.

Wanting to add another dimension to our world, Tracey constantly researches and experiments to push boundaries and find limits, using her creativity to tell another story over the original, blending technology with experiences to excite and stimulate the viewer.

Learning and sharing are at the heart of her practice, keeping abreast of latest technological developments, she sees amazing things developing in the world of digital advances and wants to bring that to everyone.

Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous in our modern day-to-day life and Tracey wants to show people how using those devices coupled with Augmented Reality could reveal another layer of the world that perhaps only seemed to exist in a sci-fi novel, thereby opening a gateway into seeing more, everywhere.

Augmented Reality is already popping up in Museums, The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum already have apps showing the visitor more than the physical space in front of them, giving them a chance to interact with the exhibits.

It is a movement for the modern world and Tracey wants to help bring it into the local Castle Museum by bringing to life an extinct animal right in front of the public, giving them a realistic sight and sound experience of a mammal long gone from this earth.

What a way to start to rejuvenate the museum experience, you cannot replace the physical interaction of objects in the museum, but Tracey hopes to overlay them with a touch of the modern world.

“Augmented Reality (AR) creates Coexistent Spacial Realities, in which Anything is possible – Anywhere!”

(Manifest.AR 2011. The AR Art Manifesto [Internet] available at <http://www.manifestar.info/>)