We have 4 weeks to go, a Pecha Kucha to present, I have a weeks holiday, and am having a bit of a wobble. Feeling very under pressure, no time to get on, home pressures, work pressures and still feeling woozy with fatigue. I haven’t started my MAYA part of this module and my output seems to have stalled.


okay, next week I can give this a big push, I’m in London on Monday, gathering evidence of interactive exhibits in the Science Museum and the National History Museum – of which I need to catalogue how many items they already have, or have had.

Next step is Pecha Kucha, and MAYA training. I should devote the morning to MAYA and the afternoon to PK, on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday is PK day, so nothing doing for anything else then.

From now on I’m taking Fridays back for my Masters, work has had too much from me in the last month, so starting tomorrow, back to me…

Tomorrow, finalise trigger, and source the actual piece of lino then pop into work to print off trigger on vinyl media, ready for application onto lino.

Cataloging the museums and MAYA tutorial if time allows.