The second obvious choice for fantastic leading museums is the Natural History Museum, fortunately located just around the corner from the Science Museum!


It was hard to get in touch with members of the right team at NHM, but eventually I struck gold and got shown around by Daniel Brightman, the Interactive Designer at NHM. Just the right guy!

They have developed a fabulous area in the Darwin zone called the Attenborough studio that has had an inventive film specially created to be shown within this area, each visitor has their own device through which they can view 3D models of dinosuars and prehistoric man come to life. ” Who do you think you really are? Interactive film, this amazing 45-minute film will involve you in a revealing story of evolution from Earth’s early history using large-screen projection, personal handsets and webcams.” Watch a clip from the NHM website here

NHM_treasures NHM_skullcase NHM_skullscreen

Currently they aren’t developing any apps, but Dan thinks that moving more towards HTML, rather than an app, or flash content is the way to encompass portable devices and easily transpose information onto the web rather than duplicating and repeating information in varying formats is the way to go. He has just completed a project for ‘treasures’ in the Cadogan Gallery one of their newest areas. Many screens are placed alongside the physical exhibits to give more information in situ.


Nature plus is an initiative with which the visitor can take part of their journey at the NHM home with them on their own Nature Plus card, this gives the viewer a chance to vote for their favourite exhibit – Guy the Gorilla is winning currently – and learn more away from the Museum itself.



They have also digitised one of the most expensive bird books in history into an interactive screen ‘book’ allowing everyone to have a chance to look through this stunningly illustrated book.