So here is the text from my Pecha Kucha talk today, I was all cool about it until about 30 mins before, when reading through my text it all became a bit too much and the nerves kicked in, so to get my point across I decided just to underline the important bits I definitely wanted to say… I had seen so many people not say what they wanted I decided to take the extra time just to highlight a few bits here and there, and it went really well, really lovely feedback from the other guys on the MA and surprisingly fab reviews from the tutors.

I was quite ready for a bit of a bashing but it just didn’t happen. I was really pleased with the way it went, people laughed in the right places and my message seems very clear.. The only thing I wanted to include was a 3D graphic, but I just haven’t had time to sit with MAYA and go through the basics, so I know what I’m going to be doing next week!

The link below is to my powerpoint presentation in it’s entirety ans the text below was my ‘script’


1-      Title – Augmenting Reality

Hello I’m Tracey and I’m on the Moving Image and Sound course and my project, interest and research are all based in and around Augmented Reality

2-      In the beginning – in one way or another we have always looked to augment our surroundings, giving ourselves if you like, an extra layer of reality. The Phantasmagoria, Pepper’s Ghost, Cinerama, sensorama, etc

3-      These days with the advances in technology you can use smaller more personal devices to connect more layers to your world. QR codes, Google goggles and a raft of Augmented Reality apps, these are great, fun, but surely with this kind of medium available surely we can do something a little more creative and inventive than the commercial aspect?

4-      Manifest AR, an AR art movement founded in 2010 that wants to push the boundaries between tech and art, of what is art in a digital age,

5-      This still is taken from Sandeer Veenhofs earliest digital disruptive gorilla AR art which took place in MOMA in San Francisco where they entered the gallery and put the digital art over the original art without the galleries permission, a somewhat underground, but successful movement, FACT in Liverpool have commissioned and just launched the largest AR project and exhibition involving 6 practitioners who have created virtual exhibits all around the city

6-      Of course places like the Science Museum are a leading light for using advanced digital techniques to try and promote interactivity and when I visited it I was able to speak with their Head of New Media, Dave Patten about their experiences with various emerging technology.

7-      They have trialled and hosted many different interactive exhibits the James May app being one of them, a trigger image is mounted beside the relevant object, using their app James May appears before you telling you all about the history, workings and stories about the machinery beside you.

8-      They are also using a simple method within their Atmosphere zone where you physically interact with a ‘book’ and the pages change making it an Interesting interactive way of showing simple, but important information.

9-      But what am I going to do with this technology and my design and animation background?… well, yes, I do literally want to bring something to life in front of your very eyes.

10-   If you’ve never been into the Norwich Castle Museum, the first area you enter is the Ted Ellis room where these wonderful dioramas live, accompanied by a lovely audiotrack of the various birds that you can see.

11-   After the diorama area you enter into a room full of shelves and display cases with dozens and dozens of stuffed birds of all shapes and sizes rising up to the ceiling and in the center of the room are two large and impressive display cases one with an albatross and another hidden behind some chairs – with a group of large and impressive birds  in.

12-   These are the Great Bustards, once a thriving species in East Anglia, but now, sadly no more.  Extinct as a UK breeding species since 1832… When I first saw this label and these majestic animals almost hidden behind the chairs, at the back of the room, I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great to bring them back to life.

13-   To bring them from their dry and dusty cabinet into the modern world and have them walk amongst us again. I knew with the current technology it was possible, but could I make it happen? I felt so sorry for the Great Bustard I decided to embark on this my MA journey to find out.

14-   But you can’t just make it move, you have to make it interactive, fun, give it some narrative, make the visitor want to play with the object and tell others about, spread the word. I have found in my professional experience as a designer that it’s no good make something beautiful, a recurring comment that came back to me through both of the guys I met in the London Museums.

15-   The basics of bringing it back to life are really complicated, it’s walk needs to be analysed in great depth and detail, each bird has its own gait and style, so to start I need to break down the movement into separate frames

16-   The animate it in a simple 2D linear fashion so as to study the shape more easily, to follow the great bustards style, then the next step is to turn this into a 3D walkcycle using MAYA – my next big challenge!

17-   But that’s not the only thing I will need to bring it back to life, I need a trigger image, no not that or that or that, but a highly individual recognisable and unique icon, perhaps incorporating a QR code to produce a digital trigger which when your device – loaded with the right app – is pointed at this image the Great Bustard will appear right in front of you.

18-   I have used the castle and the Great Bustard group (they are now being reintroduced onto Salisbury plain) together with a QR code and a small amount of text as my trigger image, this would be placed on the floor of the museum, in front of the display cases highlighting to visitors that extra and exciting content is available here.

19-   So bringing it all together, the trigger, the app – I’m using Aurasma – although there are other apps available – the positioning and the background you should be able to experience, learn and interact with a once extinct animal right on your phone, or mobile device.

20-   That’s when  the magic will start to happen…A little bit like this.