Spent most of today going backwards and forwards, from tutorial to live file, from image to UV, even from college to home and I feel as though I have got absolutely nowhere. Although I did have a breakthrough with regards to my deformation of shapes with animation. Again went back and looked through all of the relevant tutorials and found one where good ‘ole George Maestri (lynda.com) painted his weights using a colour ramp, not just the black and white that I had been using. Quickly found the tickbox in my live project and ‘hey presto’ that’s where it’s all being affected from. Not only was the top of the leg deforming the front of the chest, but the long neck which goes down inside the body shape was distorting as well.



this screengrab shows how the colour ramp lit up the areas which had me scratching my head for most of the previous day.

It felt good to get this problem sorted and I merrily painted away those nasty blue deformities!

Unfortunately the rest of the day was a total bungle, I wanted to bring this ready to animate model onto my home machine as it has 2013 Maya installed and the Collada exporter needed for processing into the Aurasma stage is within the plug-ins already. I obviously can’t install the plugin on a college computer as I don’t have admin rights. But on my home machine I couldn’t get the file to load up, now I had spoken to resident tech expert Leigh, one of the technicians at NUA about how to assure I wouldn’t have any problems when I got home and thought I had covered all of the bases, but it was not to be. I tried importing, I tried opening, I tried turning my machine on and off, in case of a bug, but nothing worked… I couldn’t continue with the rest of my planned day, it was already 2pm what to do…?

Obviously the swear box got filled up at this point, and the chocolate tin raided and my machine was shut down in disgust…

After a cup of coffee, I no choice but to go back into college and again bother Leigh with this silly problem. Fortunately he was still in and free to go through with me on the college machine exactly how the file hierarchy works and where to open it from –  by the way never ever import (tip from the top) – but to my annoyance what he showed me meant I should have been able to open it at home… But, but, I decided to make a new project folder and hope that this would aid me in my efforts to open the right damn file when I got back. Leigh said I was doing really well, which is very kind of him seeing as I have done nothing but bug him for the last two weeks, but not being able to open a file is just unheard of for me… Back home I went.

I can’t open the file… I couldn’t open this cottonpickinhotename file… aargh, I’m going to give this up, it’s now 4pm and I haven’t achieved anything, I wanted to do so much today, I wanted the animation nailed. But I’m stuck not being able to load a file….

Right, back to the old days, associate the file with maya – which I really shouldn’t have to do – all of the tests files/models I’ve done solely on my home machine show up as a lovely maya file, but none of the ones from college, I can see them but I cannot open them.

Success…. sigh of relief, quickly save scene as onto my machine.

right at last onto the animation, god this is hard.

I had rigged up some IK rigs for the leg and proceeded to try and animate with them, but it seems so fiddly, if I want to animate the body – because it’s currently a seperate shape – I have animate it by itself and set it’s own keyframe, if I click off of the body I can’t see where the keyframes are, try the dopesheet says George, um, ok don’t understand that. Move something accidentally – now I’ve shifted my whole model… oh god, this is a horrible nightmare of animation… ok, ok, lets just do a few simple moves, so delete everything, start again and just do a few frames, then test that through Aurasma, see if I sweat blood and tears over the animation, if it will even work. I’ve had a few weird things turn up getting the static model into Aurasma.

Great, Maya won’t even export the .dae file I need, keeps coming up with errors about nodes and maybe I might want to update my .dae plugin.. ok I dutifully update it, go to export and same error message.. that was worth my while then, then the error log has a problem with some of my objects, I look in the outliner and it is referring to my ik joints…. so I delete them, it buggers up my animation, so I patch up a few keyframes and try again… no, it cannot find my bind poses now….this time it suggests maybe I might want to bake my animation…. I do everything I can. At the end my Great Bustard is just gliding along the floor as I’ve removed every single thing I possible can and this time maya exports it….

I put it with the thumbnail image (256×256 .png), convert to a .tar file using 7z and upload it to the Aurasma studio, it’s 9pm at night and I have had a rubbish day, please Aurasma accept my model.. I watch the whirly spiral of time whizzing round… and then the dreaded no entry sign pops up, cannot build model, random error code, please contact Aurasma…

I go back to maya, bake the animation, again delete the history, remove the lights, delete anything extraneous in the outliner window (that is a tip from me to keep your work streamlined – look in the outliner!) and re submit it to Aurasma…

Could not validate augmentation: Not enough key frames in animation

ok I give in

I shut down and pledge to start again with the static model that has nothing on it and nothing in it’s history tomorrow…