Just been to the MA show for 2013 and am feeling a might scared about what I am going to be exhibiting next year.

Most of the Moving Image guys were showing films, of course Jamie Gledhill was showing his interactive piece, not as impressive as at the forum, but nothing will be as spectacular as 17 metres of screen!

but how do you show Augmented Reality… wow it’s a tricky thing I need to get a handle on to make my part of the show as intriguing as it should be.

My first thought is to stage a piece in a museum, I’m sure we could mock up a glass exhibit stand, similar to the one the Bustards are in at the Castle Museum but how do you get people interacting with it.. Much forethought needed, maybe even get involved with the advertising of the exhibition to get the word out there before hand. Might be cool.

Perhaps some large floor graphics… I saw one guy exhibit in a miniature table with the screen in the top, that was nice, couldn’t get a photo of it as they were closing the private view, but it would need to be interactive…

show_cartoons show_cctvcharacter show_jamies show_outside show_table

Maybe I should just run away now…