Amazing feedback from Suzie yesterday on my SNU project, if it had been my Masters Project I would have received a distinction, wow.





Must try and get some of those stars over to the first column… 🙂


Submitted: Learning Agreement, Blog Journal including research process and Pecha Kucha presentation, Critical Evaluation, Aurasma Augmented-Reality CGI model of Great Bustard.
This ambitious, cutting-edge, innovative contemporary work is located in a developing area of information technology. Your project is thoroughly researched through site visits and through communication with target providers and consumers. You have not only taken on new and complex digital design skills but also started building your networks for future product development. Your organisational skills are excellent, and the work is well designed and clearly presented, illustrated and explained throughout. You have tested your product on site and got professional feedback from museum staff. This unit evidences exciting potential for further development and production in your Masters’ Project,

Areas for improvement:
This is a work in progress and has a great deal of potential still to be developed. You can improve your methodology by clarifying stages of design and identification of technological, budgetary, Health and Safety issues, and by separating the elements of the project out more with attention to design layout . Some design aspects such as placement, orientation, readability and size of texts, and potential of adding sonic content could be further articulated.
Further research into the use of this area of information systems in museums/galleries would be useful including international practices.
(Note:Victoria & Albert museum furniture gallery :new touch based information system)