One of the comments from my feedback referenced the new furniture gallery in the V&A, it’s taken a little searching, but at last I found a link with some video on Vimeo so I can see exactly what it would be like.

So you can see that they have these giant tables with a panoramic screen which displays information about the different materials used in furniture making. Around the edge of the screen are pieces of these materials, encouraging the viewer to move around, and touch each piece.

I’m not sure if there is any interactivity between the samples and the displayed video, but if there was that would be really cool.. of course if many people are touching many pieces that could get quite complicated, but I love the idea of the tactility.

from the webpage…

“V&A Furniture Gallery Table Installation

The Interactive exhibit is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) new furniture gallery. The interactive material display tables celebrate the unique qualities and characteristics of 32 different furniture materials.

Each material sample object has been beautifully designed and crafted to seduce visitors into touching them, and thereby gaining a rich and tactile understanding of their distinctive features and textures. This simple, intuitive, and engaging act triggers a digital display sequence of tailored content allowing visitors to discover more about the materials origins, production, and usage.

The 32 material sample objects have been thematically grouped, and placed around the edges of the two bespoke tables. Embedded within the center of each table is a panoramic screen display. This arrangement encourages visitors to move around the tables, and interact with the material samples. There is no need for a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen, as all the interaction is built around the experiencing of the material qualities of each sample, the forming of personal haptic connections, the pleasure of tactility. – a link to the creative director from AllofUs who created the tables.  There is interactivity between the physical furniture material sample and the table’s display.

This company also did this…