So today I made this in maya, a piston for a robot I’m working on. This is for a side project and also as part of my development of skills within maya. Again I find Maya tricky and secretive, hiding plug-ins and settings away in menus that aren’t obvious.

My notebook for Maya is now half full and I’m still really on the basics!

This project has given me an insight into reflections refractions and using an image for the lighting which places the object within an environment for it to reflect back, really interesting stuff, but the basic rendering model used for these advanced attributes is hidden away in the render settings, Render using>Mental Ray.

There are many tutorials out there for reflectivity, but some are using old maya and others dont have sound…  very hard to follow and really frustrating trying to wade through the dross. However I eventually found one that showed me all I needed to render up my object and put it in an environment,


So I post it here for all the others that might be struggling on getting that glossy finish.