After taking the photos for my storyboard I needed to get down to writing a script, something I’ve never attempted before, I work in a very visual way and words don’t come easy.

Using my line… just one more place to look Danny… I started to write, going through many iterations I arrived at my first attempt at a script using the line from our soundwalk as my driver for inspiration.


Fade up from black,

You can hear someone saying  “come on, come on, come on…”

Almost as if they are talking to themselves, muttering, under their breath,

We see them from over the shoulder, they are wearing a hoodie (which they tug at) and we cannot see all of their face…

We pull out to a slightly different angle and we find ourselves in the middle of the norwich market, it’s night-time and the floor and surfaces are slightly shiny from recent rain. Is our character with someone else, or is that a shadow just a few paces in front of them.

We can see them from behind, a mid shot from the waist up.

They have an urgency to their walk, with purpose, they are cutting straight through the middle row, then they turn at the last minute and we cut to a wider shot of them leaving the market to go up to the forum steps.

They get to just outside the forum and have a moment when you think they are going in, but they hesitate… we can almost see two figures in the darkened reflection of the large glass windows/door…our main character turns round – apparently by themselves again – and head down to sit on the steps… we hear “what are we doing, what are we doing…” muttering under his breath again.

As they sit with their head in their hands, shaking it from side to side, they get out their rollies and light the end of an already smoked roll up, we see their eyes lit up from the lighter…

Cut to a side shot, we see a plume of exhaled smoke, before they get up decisively and walk away from us, they go slowly out of focus but we see their reflection/shadow moving on the ground…

We are now in close up of him on the phone, the light from the screen illuminates the stubble on his chin he’s talking rapidly, “so whose side are you on then…?” we see he is angry, we can’t hear the response but we see the call gets ended abruptly as he punches the call end button.

“Can’t get anybody to help you, can you…” it looks like he is talking to someone else, but as we pull back it’s his reflection he’s talking to in one of the windows with mannequins in on St Stephens street­. His mannerisms are skittish, slightly off centre for the norm… He’s agitated, he’s annoyed and he turns away from his own reflected self in disgust…

Underpass at the top of St Stephens, someone else is with our main character, they look very similar in build and height… one says to the other, “but do you wanna change, do you wanna?”  They are walking away from us around the bend and out of shot.

Walking down the lit alleyway (off of Newmarket Rd)

You know I don’t want to

We’ve got to find

Final shot is outside of a house and again there are two of them, from behind we see them looking up at a large dark house their breaths pluming in the cold air… there’s just one more place to look Danny… as they move forward the two figures judder and become one

It’s about returning home, finding oneself… duality of personality…

I applied this to my images in a very rough and ready manner, so that when our group met we had something – or the start of something – tangible to discuss….

film ideas pages film ideas pages2(link to pdf of the film ideas )

Feedback from the session was mixed, most liked the images, really evocative but the script is still very much unfinished.

Liam advised me to have a go at writing the script like a story, marking motivation for the dialogue rather than pinpoint script writing.

Other advice from the group, would need tighter shots on the reflections, make the images more abstract to add confusion of where you are, write the direction of the camera… tight shots to begin with increasing to wider shots at the end, look at a cyclical idea to represent a mental cycle in madness. Had I thought about a poem over the top of the visuals to move it along if I’m really struggling with the script itself… this I thought was rather ironic as it’s what I wanted to have a real stab it in this module…

It still comes back to why is he looking…

The other guys also recommended a programme called Celtix – script writing software to format the text into a nice script layout, which I will be looking at.