This module asks us to create an original 1-3 minute piece of moving image.
after my initial storyboard (see last post) I went out on a photographic recce to check out different locations that I had seen and wanted to photograph at night.

The image to the left is the only found image, and it depicts how I see the main character in my story… Hooded, faceless, could be anyone.





DSC_0116The location that I wanted to look at the most was the market, I could see how the camera would  follow the character through the space, quite a tight shot, over the shoulder as he moves quickly through the rows.

When I got to the market I was surprised at how bright it is… It looks lovely… but well lit up, the rows seemed vast when empty of the people which is how I normally saw it.




On the way to my next location – the subway – I walked through the churchyard at chapelfield and as I walked past the floodlight my shadow was cast up onto the church wall, it looked great and I added it to my shot list.

The next place was the subway at  the top of st stephens, again more lit up than I remember but I like the curved descent into the subway itself with the shiny tiles and the shadows that you get as you walk through the space.





DSC_0133As I travelled down Newmarket Rd, I saw this row of houses with a bright light shining from one and my interest was piqued, as I approached carefully, I didn’t want to be staring into someones house, I could see that it was a business, it had many brass plaques either side of the portico.

It is a beautiful entrance with the majestic pillars and lovely wide door with it’s lead glass windows and I stepped closer although the lights outside were glaring, internally it seemed to be almost pitch black, creating an impromptu mirror and as I stood there I could see my reflection, and I imagined this shot being the last shot in my story, where the hooded figure finally sees themselves and starts to remember who he was, this is a doctors practice that he used to visit when he was getting help perhaps…



My last location shot is the visually stunning little road off of Newmarket road where the lamps are old fashioned style all the way down one side with a cobbled floor and high brick walls to either side, I was with a friend and asked him to walk down the lane a small distance and just pause whilst I got my last shot. This shot totally encapsulates the feeling I want for this short film.