Our tutor Liam asked us to take a soundwalk around 6 locations in Norwich, all suggested by our fellow students,

1. Primark

2. St gregorys church

3. the car park behind rainbow wholefoods

4. Norwich Cathedral

5. to sit a bus stop

6. walk through a crowd…

and as we visited each one to listen, to eavesdrop on the conversations going on around us.

I found this really tricky and after almost an hour I decided just to write anything I heard down, it seemed either I wasn’t catching what people had said, or I was just missing it…

I set off for the Cathedral after trying to go through a crowd and not catching  a bean and found that this location gave me a chance to ‘get into’ listening and in the shop I was able to look interested in the things they were selling whilst noting down the visitors comments as they made their own purchases, this got me off to a good start and then I felt more confident as I travelled to some of the other places, I didn’t get to them all, but the one that stood out for me, or has fired my imagination, is almost one of the last overheard sentences before I returned to College, it was just as I was passing by the market – quite slowly – and two guys went past at a rapid rate, one of them announcing to the other in an urgetnt tone “There’s just one more place to try Danny…” it sounded slightly desperate, the urgency in his voice stuck in my head and got me wondering, had they lost something, were they just looking for something, what could it be…

I haven’t been inspired to write a script – the point of this exercise – but I have had visions of what different scenes might look like, made up of silhouettes and reflections, not quite the whole picture as we try that ‘one last place to look’.

ideasP1 ideasP2



Sit on this one with your legs dangling down – (a photographer to a magician sitting in an alcove)


That’s a bit spooky


I don’t think I want to read that, no, not today

I’m always looking for ideas for my partner for Christmas

I always seem to be visiting that machine… more cash, more cash… it’s too easy isn’t it

He’s seen a sculpture of a scantily clad woman in the Garden centre, he keeps saying it’s only for the summer house

Those boys last week didn’t want the blue balls, they only wanted the pink and purple ones,

DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0037 

At the bus stop—————————————————–

I’ll just check before we get on the bus

I never want to sit next to the window

Do they bus them in?

I think it was Albert – I don’t know

You want to get on first or they’ll make you stand up

In Primark————————————————————-

Where are the womens onsies, ooh no where are the mens

Can you ask for a medium in that one please

They’re horrible aren’t they, do you agree with me… oh yeah, they had loads more before

Has she seen your size has she or is she getting it for you

Yeah he’ll be well chuffed when we get to the um.. what are we doing..


En route———————————————————————–

Just one more place to look Danny

I was gone for two weeks – officially it was all going well until I spoke to my Grandma

Yeah, but do you wanna change.. do you wanna 

So whose side are you on then, you know after the fall out

If I saw him coming I’d go the other way

Some like um.. outdoor shop

Go on you must have right muscly arms from pushing that – in reference to a pushchair

It only lasts like a day

When they were in court the other day he said it was better because he had to focus on what he was doing

Okay then I’ll meet you at the Argos bus stop

I’m not worried about because I’ve got five watches anyway

It’s all neon

Can’t get anybody to help you

Did you watch emmerdale? No, I can watch it on catchup

We’ll use satnav or we’ll end up in Nottingham

We don’t have to wear a hat…