After the feedback from the group crit I decided I should add another verse to the poem I had written for my film, luckily a few verses had not made it too the final version, so I was able to tweak them so that they fit better in the final flow of prose…



Walking, walking not quite alone

Searching, looking on the way home

a shadow of me both revealed and lost

my life is split, no matter this cost


The colour drains from every place,

Only shadows appear upon my face

Round and round my life does grind

Focus front, all else is blind.


This route I take I know it well,

if my memories could speak what mine would tell

of me, or me, of both of us


lost in cycles spiralling down

our fate is framed by constant frown

The call we answer isn’t real, it’s in our heads, it’s what we feel,

day after day we tread this road,

our never ending mental load.


Appearances can be deceiving, eyes, feet, walk, all misleading.

Life was once bright and clear,

but now I trudge along in  fear

of who and what and where and when

we know our lives can’t fly again.


Now released into the wild

our minds are dark, unfurled, defiled

but walk this way we must repeat in case our life we find replete.


…it’s centred around duality, schizophrenia and guilt, but open to personal interpretation…