After re writing the poem I needed to re-record it and this I did again using my H1 zoom recorder, being more aware of how it sounded over the film, I thought it best to go through the whole poem section by section with my voiceover artist so I had more flexibility in the edit. I made sure all the inflections were how I wanted them to sound. In so doing I got a much clearer recording, very close to how it sounded in my head… well worth re-doing.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 21.14.41

This new recording then went back into logic with a new visual output to match it up to.

Through editing in After Effects I have removed and re-ordered some of the film so it is now shorter, which ended up being a bonus as the music track now fits much better, I added in the footstep recording in another section to reinforce the constant journey of my main character and made sure the transitions were smooth between the 6 different ‘ambient’ sounds I recorded whilst live on location on the actual filming nights.

Getting back to grips with Logic was something I really wanted to do with this film, although at times I considered just doing the sound and editing in premiere, but overall it served me really well, and it meant I could work on two separate pieces of my film on two machines at the same time!

So here it is, the sound bed used in my film.