Friday was my first opportunity to get into the 3D workshop and I wanted to try 3 things, carving polystyrene, skimming the polystyrene with plaster to see how smooth I could get it, and somehow getting feather texture into the plaster itself.

I started by carving the polystyrene, that went fairly well, I’m confident I could get the rough shape carved into a large block of poly, then I skimmed it with plaster.. I made the plaster to thick though so it went of quicker than I had anticipated, but the half I was happy with I could see would be smoothable. Also talking to some of the BA students putting up their final plaster pieces proved that smooth was possible!

Then i used the thick plaster to try and get feather prints into, but that has mixed results, so a final test perhaps using plaster to impress and making a plaster mould from that would be more succesful.. but this I won’t know until next week when I can get back into the studio and release the plaster from their moulds, as it wasn’t quite set when the 3D studio was closing..

to be continued…
wpid-wp-1400250959304.jpeg wpid-wp-1400250909299.jpeg