Masters Presentation Day loomed last week and in my presentation I made a positive effort to be less technical , use less jargon and not to dig down into the wires and connections that will make my installation work… I wanted to concentrate on the visual and audio research I had already undertaken and the beautiful animation style I hoped to output for my final piece.

So I put in my outline

“I am interested in line, form and movement, particularly figuratively using rotoscoping, but want to use current technology such as motion sensors and augmented reality to introduce interactivity”

but on reflection it should have mentioned that I want to add more dimensions, whether it’s layering sound or adding extra texture into the animation, I’m looking to use hand-drawn lines using charcoal and newsprint and trying to introduce actual feathers into the artwork/animation/model to give it ‘real feel’ .

and I should have delved into the Augmented Reality and projection mapping a little more to give a  rounded background to the project…


This link if for a PDF version.

Here is the first sound file from Norfolk Brecks

The sound from Salisbury Plain.. unfortunately not clean as the wind sock wasn’t on and the cows made a lot of noise, just outside the hide..

The animatic flight video


Great Bustard Call



and the link to ‘Thought of you’ for animation charcoal style

<p><a href=”″>Thought of You</a> from <a href=””>Ryan J Woodward</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>