Now edited all of the images from my visit down to Salisbury and uploaded onto my Flickr stream.



This first image is of the group of 5 males.


A closer view of the two older males


One of the elder birds, pink 2, starts to display


My best photo of the day.

I was surprised at just how tricky it was to get a good shot of the Bustards, I expected my 80-400mm lens to be spot on for the job, I knew the hide was 300m away and assumed I would have enough zoom to get some lovely shots.
However added into the difficulty was the actual movement of the lens itself when focusing, which I did turn off and gained some slightly better shots, and the amount of movement from pressing the shutter button, on such a long lens made for quite a few soft shots, very frustrating.
All the shots were held on just a monopod and I sincerely wished I had brought a traditional tripod, but I didn’t know the terrain or how much space we would have.
What I really wanted to get was some footage of one of the Bustards taking flight, but viewing them for over an hour, it was quite clear that they tended to strut around more than anything and being such large birds would tend to conserve energy for only real emergencies.

Image from Mike Ashforth, Birding Yorshire

Image from Mike Ashforth, Birding Yorshire

This image from Mike Ashforth was what I hoped to come back with, but my photos are very far away from this stunning image taken in Spain.


As you can see from the video on full zoom the image moves even though I am trying my hardest not to move a muscle, but I did capture one of the birds giving a good flap to reveal what it looks like under his wings.

The link below will take you to the full set on flickr.