I got an email reply back from Roger McKinley (Research and Innovation Manager) at FACT  (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)


ARtSENSE is their museum augmentation and research project and he’s happy to answer some of my questions, or have a skype chat, they are having an event in June and in April they are publishing something that will be useful. So I just need to think up some good questions to ask…

I would like to know if they have done any research on the way that people interact with new technology pieces that are put into Museums, do they work, do people just not know what to do and how do they go about getting the message clear.

What has worked best? (in ref to above q)

How have they found this out, what tests/research tools/studies did they use

I am interested in the imparting information/learning aspect, ie, does the public get it?

I am very pleased to have made this contact, and hope to go and see FACT up in Liverpool as there is nothing like it here.