Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has created this amazing animated version of classical paintings.

Startlingly beautiful to begin with, as it progresses it seems to become slightly more macabre, and a little bit disturbing. The paintings are beautifully rendered and only here and there can you see a slight hint of where Rino has had to make up the art behind the moving element. Erotic and sensual the animated movement adds to the scene in some paintings, but only detracts from the beauty in others. If the thought of movement was behind the original creation of a painting I think the outcome would be different, but for these classical romantic images as the film moves on, it just makes me feel less. The image itself is so well known, that to see it move is almost unseemly, the paintings are perfect and my imagination has always given flight to it’s own thoughts about before and after and the caught expression, that moment held on canvas. Beautiful though beauty is, I’m not a fan.

But because it is almost retrofitting the images, if forethought and the end result was to move the image, as in my Masters proposal idea, perhaps it will fare better?

A little like the 3D films that have been made for the sake of a sword pointing out of the screen at you, it’s not what the intention was and it doesn’t add to it…

The intention must be the whole finished result, not just for the sake of the technology.

Carravagio, Vemeer, Rembrandt and Rubens are amongst the artists in over a hundred paintings.

A full list of all of the featured classical artworks can be found here



Born in 1980.
Italian experimental animator and director.
He graduated at the ISIA of Urbino and IED -European Institute of Design in Milan.
He has made many music videos for major Italian and international artists: FourTet, Stumbleine, Digitalism, Mobbing, M+A, ORAX, Fabri Fibra, Big Fish, Morgan, Eva, Mario Venuti e Vittorio Cosma. Collaborated with studio Bazzani for the production of fashion video for designer Antonio Marras and Kenzo and with studioN!03 for videoprojection and interactiveinstallations for exhibitions, museums and special events. Over the years he has had experience in visual art and videomapping with Claudio Sinatti and assistant director, art-direction and compositing with the study K48.