So, for my trigger image I wanted to apply it to some lino, the lady in Carpet Right was so helpful and got me an enormous offcut of perfectly ordinary tile lino, brilliant I thought, that is going to be perfect.

After completing my trigger image, I printed it onto my A3 self adhesive vinyl stock and got ready to apply it to the piece of lino.


Being used to dealing with sticky things applying themselves to anything but where you want them I was ready to have a bit of a fight with it, but it didn’t even stick! The vinyl just wouldn’t adhere itself to the ’tile’ side of the lino… so I tried the back.


but again, it just wouldn’t stick. I really didn’t foresee this problem. I have tested this media on walls, fridges, radiators and windows and it adheres really well, but it was having none of it with the lino. This part of my SNU project will just have to be totally re-thought, but I don’t think I have time to complete an alternative for this deadline, but would see in the future, perhaps printing directly onto some sort of lino/canvas media.

Looking at the vinyl media on the lino where parts tried to stick of course highlighted a problem that I hadn’t thought of, the wrinkle you get when you have a paper medium – no matter how thin – when rolled up, will always wrinkle, so printing directly onto the end media will be the only realistic solution, but perhaps, the vinyl media applied directly to the floor would be the best as it would be super thin, but of course I can’t do that in the Museum as this is only a test piece…